Domaine Huet French Wine Producer

Domaine Huet

Founded in 1928 by Victor Huet, since its founding it has always aimed to create a high quality wine from Chenin Blanc.  The Domaine was taken over by his son Gaston in 1937 and focused on producing the best quality wine, constantly innovating and improving.

In 1988 they were the pioneers of the biodynamic viticulture, which is helping them with the management of the vineyards throughout all the challenges of climate change. They produce a range of wines from sparkling to sweet, showcasing the versatility of Chenin Blanc, moreover the wines of Domaine Huet are extremely age-worthy.

The estate comprises of singular vineyards that each show beautiful terroir – Le Haut- Lieu (the original vineyard) extends some 9 hectares surrounding the house. Le Clos du Bourg is the oldest vineyard, dating back to the 8th century.


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